Rock Retaining Walls

Just Rocks are South Australia’s premier landscapers - we specialise in large rock retaining walls. Our personalised bluestone and limestone retaining wall services ensures we work closely with you to achieve the look that you are wanting.

Limestone and Bluestone rock retaining walls serve a functional purpose by providing support to sloping areas of our gardens. Retaining walls are now commonly used as feature items in gardens, allowing landscapers and homeowners free range to work with differing slopes and terraces.


We offer a full limestone and bluestone rock retaining wall service including earthworks, backfill, soil and compost as required. We will remove any excess fill, and have a full range of machinery to complete any sized rock retaining wall project. Over the last 30 years we've spent working here in Adelaide, we have become South Australia's leaders in the rock retaining wall and stone features field and are now widely renowned for our professionalism and integrity.

We have 4 senior team members who have over 20 years experience in the industry, and have appropriate licences for all retaining wall machinery. We have become leaders in the retaining wall and stone features field, and are now widely renowned for their professionalism and integrity.


Our retaining walls materials are specially selected from our range of quarries to suite the project and to ensure the best products are available for each project. We have a variety of retaining walls stone and rocks to complete your project whether you are wanting the grey tones of Bluestone, or the cream & orange tones of Riverland Limestone as a feature. Whether your project is a large commercial site or residential home you can be assured that we will offer the best advice , service and price.

Just Rocks is also the home of Limestone SA.
WA Natural Limestone is an excellent material for retaining walls. Limestone SA has an extensive range of WA Natural Limestone blocks which are available for retaining walls. WA Natural Limestone is available in different finishes and colours depending on your retaining wall needs. We directly supply builders, architects, retaining wall landscapers and stonemasons with most blocks available in stock. Retail enquiries are very welcome.